Our Story

At LittleFootCo., we’re the culmination of an enduring, passionate,wheres the gold slot machine and creative vision of apparel, toys, and hats for kids.

We offer a wide range of brilliantly designed clothing that serves your little ones with the ultimate style and comfort. Here, our creativity, artistry, and enthusiasm propel us to craft each piece of our collection with energy and excitement. With a deep appreciation of fashion,online casino nz we take pride in offering a modish collection that fulfills every child’s needs.

Although we have competitors, we pay less attention to creating unnecessary competitions and focus more on our wonderful clients and making the world a positive place.

To put it simply: we’re unique in our values and take pride in what we are and what we do. It’s our dedication to making a difference that makes us unparalleled and extraordinary in our work.


LittleFootCo. was founded by Nadir Elias, along with his sister, Lily Elias, a mother of two wonderful kids. As brother and sister, they have always been artistic and a follower of their dreams. Lily loved being a mother with style and elegance. One fine evening, they sat over a cup of coffee when the idea popped into Lily’s mind. That day, she evoked Nadir’s business-oriented persona and gave him the pitch. And there it was! Their enthusiasm and passion led to the launch of a chic, trendy, and unique brand exclusively for kids: LittleFootCo.

Our company’s philosophy and mission transcend beyond a clothing line–our ultimate goal is to earn enough revenue to give back to the underprivileged and less fortunate–which acts as the driving force for us at LittleFootCo. and propels us to put our hearts and soul into our work each day.

With our company, we aim to do the best we can to help others lead a quality life that they deserve. With our passion to see the world as a better and positive place one day, we operate our company with sheer innovation and dedication by offering more than just a clothing line. Our company is committed to making a positive impact on many lives worldwide, leading to positive global transformation. We feed those who can’t feed themselves.

Our Mission

At LittleFootCo., we introduce you to a vibrant collection of clothing line, hats, and toys that fulfill every kid’s needs. We are your all-new one-stop-kid-shop that serve your kids with style.

We aim to supply the world with a beautiful clothing line for babies, toddlers, and kids.

With each purchase, we not only fulfill the kids’ style needs but also fill a hungry stomach. With each purchase, the level of our gratitude goes up further, and so does the smile on the face of a person you’ve fed.

#Borntoshine–Changing the World, One Little Foot at A Time!